Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) compliance is mandatory. United Safety Agents serves a diverse set of food manufacturers, importers, exporters, Customs Brokers, & logistics providers as an FSVP Agent while ensuring our client's compliance with FSVP. Contact us today to learn how our team can assist your company gain and maintain FSVP compliance.  more

FSVP Agency for all Human & Animal food types

95+ years of combined experience

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DUNS Number for U.S. entry

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FSVP compliance guaranteed

USA's FSVP plans have withstood all Records Inspections and are guaranteed to meet or exceed regulatory standardsWith over 95 years of combined food safety and FDA-regulatory experience, our team of FSVP Qualified Individuals & experts will act as your company's properly designated FSVP representatives, verify your suppliers, and build out your complete FSVP plans.  more 

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USA really helped us understand FSVP and how it applies to our dietary supplement products. Because of them, our sales continue uninterrupted.

—  Sarah F.

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