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Trade Show Samples Are Bound Under FDA's FSVP. The good news: you're covered. So long as your sample items are listed on your Letter of Consent – you are clear to ship*

FDA's Foreign Supplier Verification Program applies to food, beverage, and dietary supplement samples that are intended for human or animal consumption as U.S. trade shows/fairs – regardless of whether the samples will be sold or given away.

Entry Procedure For Trade Show Samples. When a food, beverage, or supplement product is subject to FSVP, the filer responsible for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) entry must enter “FSV” as the Entity Role Code. This code will send a signal to CBP's Automated Commercial Environment indicating that the entry is subject to FSVP and will trigger a request for the FSVP Importer’s name, electronic email address, and UFI recognized as acceptable by FDA (§1.509) learn more


FDA: Notice to FSVP Importers & Filers (Example)


Remember to share your complete and unaltered Letter of Consent with the person or company that is responsible for filing U.S. Customs entry.

FDA: Notice to FSVP Importers & Filers (Example)


Are your sample items not yet approved under coverage? Be sure to add them prior to your shipment to avoid rejection. Learn How

FDA: Notice to FSVP Importers & Filers (Example)

3RD-PARTY FSVP FORMS Some logistics providers may ask you to complete a form/questionnaire for FSVP. If asked, forward the form to us for completion.

FDA: Notice to FSVP Importers & Filers (Example)


Entry procedures under FSVP can be new to some filers. We have compiled a comprehensive list of instructions for their use here

FDA: Notice to FSVP Importers & Filers (Example)


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Important: The DUNS number, which is location specific, must correspond to the FSVP Importer’s U.S. location. FDA investigators may conduct an inspection to review all FSVP records at the location associated with the DUNS number submitted at entry. A DUNS number associated with a foreign facility cannot be used for the FSVP Importer at U.S. entry.




FDA: Recognition of Acceptable UFIs Guidance

FDA: Recognition of Acceptable UFIs Guidance

CBP: FSV Entry Role Code or Rejection

CBP: FSV Entry Role Code or Rejection

CBP: FDA Supplemental Guide for Filers

CBP: FDA Supplemental Guide for Filers


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*Depending on the type of product, the regulations it is bound under, and a number of other variables, there may be entry requirements in addition to Foreign Supplier Verification Program compliance. The information provided in this message does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials are for general informational purposes only.


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