CBP Entry Procedures Under FSVP


UNK” is not an acceptable Entry Role Code for products bound under FSVP and will result in rejection.

Instead, the CBP filer must enter “FSV” as the Entry Role Code whenever a food, beverage, or dietary supplement product is bound under the regulation.

FDA has begun notifying individual importers and filers that have used “UNK” as an Entry Role Code. FDA originally intended the use of “UNK” to be temporary, while the FSVP Importer obtained a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS). Correct CBP Entry Filing Procedure: When a food, beverage, or supplement product is subject to FSVP, the filer responsible for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) entry must enter “FSV” as the Entity Role Code. This code will send a signal to CBP's Automated Commercial Environment indicating that the entry is subject to FSVP and will trigger a request for the FSVP Importer’s name, electronic email address, and UFI recognized as acceptable by FDA (§1.509). FDA currently recognizes the DUNS number as the only acceptable UFI for the purpose of compliance with FSVP. Important: A DUNS number associated with a foreign facility can not be used for the FSVP Importer at U.S. entry. In the near future, FDA plans to rescind its policy that allows filers to use “UNK”.

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