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FSVP Defined




Many of the companies designated as FSVP Importers are simply not willing to accept the associated risks and responsibilities. These companies would rather discontinue their long-standing purchase arrangements with their non-US suppliers rather than undergo the risky and rigorous process of FSVP verification.


This is why a diverse set of brokers, distributors, warehouse-owners and trade associations have chosen to provide their clients and members with the competitive advantage of pre-FSVP verification.


If you would like to join these proactive third parties and provide your clients or members with:


  • Supply-Chain Security 

  • A Reduced Level of Risk

  • A Competitive Advantage in the US Marketplace


Contact USA today for a complimentary strategic review.

To start the process or learn more about how FSVP applies to your business, complete and submit the following form and an Agent will be in touch shortly.

Any information you provide will remain confidential.

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